What Makes Tru Fire Different?

Spirit - Empowered Focus
Tru Fire positions the Holy Spirit as teacher. It is grounded in the belief that the Holy Spirit speaks to kids, and they can discern His voice. Lessons intentionally create space where He is free to move, teach, and lead in kids’ lives.
Interactive Response Stations
Tru Fire leads kids to a life-changing truth: When we hear God’s Word, we respond. Lessons inspire kids as they walk through the narrative of God’s Big Story. Interactive response stations allow them to tangibly express they’ve learned about the character of God and respond to the Holy Spirit.
Customizable Digital Lessons
Your ministry doesn’t fit in a box, and neither does Tru Fire. Every lesson is created in a customizable format so it easily adapts to meet your needs. It’s a quick click to access and download lessons, media files, and resources to share with teachers via email or print.
Built-In Family Support
We believe discipleship begins in the home. Tru Fire makes it easy for you to equip parents to be the primary spiritual leaders of their family. Included in every lesson is a ready-made, customizable take home paper you can print or email to families. Parents feel empowered to introduce the next week’s truth with discussion questions, activities, and the theme of the Bible story.
Scope & Sequence

Tru Fire tells the narrative of God’s story – The Big God Story – that incorporates Genesis to Revelation. Children ages 3 through middle school discover the Bible isn’t just a collection of unrelated stories but one unified story of God’s redemption. Each year kids journey through the Bible chronologically, briefly pausing for lessons on Christmas, Easter & the Day of Pentecost.



Components of a Tru Fire Lesson


Children engage in fun, creative activities designed to pique their curiosity about the day’s portion of The Big God Story.

  • From building a wall, to creating an edible fish and everything in between, the Explore section offers engaging activities that open kids’ imaginations to the weekly theme. Get ready for kids’ questions and fun observations as their minds start revving! 


Children participate in discovering God’s Word through Bible verse memorization, interactive storytelling techniques, and worship as response.

  • Bible Verse:
    Kids memorize Scriptures about the character of God. By introducing a new verse every 3-4 weeks, kids have time to plant it deep in their hearts. 
  • Storytelling - The Big God Story:
    This is the time to pull kids into the middle of The Big God Story and look big at what it says about God.  Jonah isn’t just a story about disobedience landing him in big-fish guts. Looking through the Tru Fire lens, we see God is Forgiver. Each Discover section introduces a Ponder Point, a statement that reveals the character of God. As kids grow with Tru Fire they see The Big God Story is God’s ENTIRE story revealing His redemption through Jesus.
  • Worship As Response: 
    Every Bible lesson is followed by time to respond to the Holy Spirit. To help kids learn to seek God and hear His voice, lessons provide altar opportunities with interactive prayer stations. When learning about Jonah, kids reflect, “How has God forgiven me?” and ask the Holy Spirit, “How do I need to be forgiven?”. This powerful space in the lesson sees kids’ hearts transformed as He speaks to them individually.


Children reflect on what the Holy Spirit is teaching them and respond through activities and games.

  • Respond uses playing and doing to cement the Holy Spirit’s message into kid’s hearts.


Children receive a blessing from their leaders and sometimes one another.

  • Just as Moses blessed the Israelites in his care, teachers speak life-giving words meant to encourage and guide their children each week. A blessing may be a prayer of commission, a portion of Scripture or a promise of God.


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