Children’s leaders often feel worn down by curriculum that doesn’t give them what they need to be effective. Tru Fire is a digital children’s curriculum that equips leaders with engaging lessons and empowers them to connect kids to the Holy Spirit so that they can feel confident their kids are developing lifetime faith through experiences with God they’ll never forget.

Tru Fire is written for large group/small group settings. The lesson begins in small groups, moves to a larger group setting for storytelling, and finally moves back to small groups for discussion, response, and a blessing.

  • Tru Fire Blessings: 3-year-olds
  • Tru Fire Wonder: Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Tru Fire Story: 1st through 5th grade
  • Tru Fire Identity: Middle school*

*Note: Tru Fire Identity can also be used with high school students with minor adjustments. See more info below.

  • Tru Fire Blessings has a 1-year Scope and Sequence. Tru Fire Wonder and Tru Fire Story both have 3-year Scope and Sequences.
  • Tru Fire Identity is written in 5 or 8-week series based on books of the Bible.

Yearly Scope & Sequences for each age level can be downloaded at TruFireCurriculum.com/Resources.

Tru Fire Story includes new themed media graphics each quarter to help you theme your Tru Fire service in a fun and exciting way. Join the Tru Fire Community Facebook group or check out our Tru Fire Pinterest page for ideas for how you could use this quarter’s theme.

Every lesson includes a “Leader Prep” section. Each week you’ll find encouraging articles that help leaders prepare their heart to present the lesson.

  • The Inspire article shares personal stories from fellow ministry leaders about how God has worked in their lives.
  • The Equip article offers perspective and context to the lesson’s Bible passage.
  • The Support article provides reflection and assessment through encouragement, prayer, and time in God’s Word.

In Tru Fire, the different age levels progress through the Bible in chronological order, briefly pausing for lessons on Christmas and Easter. We’ve intentionally chosen not to have all ages learning the same passages so they can focus on age-appropriate biblical content (a fifth grader is at a different stage than a preschooler).

The Tru Fire Wonder Scope & Sequence is chronological so the ages would at least be in similar places in the Bible during the quarters.

A benefit to giving kids a broad scope-if they begin with Tru Fire Blessings and progress all the way through Tru Fire Story (or even through Tru Fire Identity in middle school)—is that they will have learned similar but not exactly the same passages as they move through the age levels.

This resource is designed to serve as a bridge between families and the church. This weekly page can equip parents to not only know what their children are learning at church but help them to become their kids’ primary spiritual leaders. No matter what their own faith background is, parents are able to pre-teach the biblical content and lead discussions at home with their family. The At Home Weekly has brief information for families about what was taught that day, as well as what’s ahead in the coming week. The take-home paper is provided in a fully customizable format so you can add details about your specific ministry or tailor it however you wish.

  • Print it and send it home with kids after the blessing
  • Save as a PDF and e-mail it to parents
  • Print copies and place them at your children’s area entrance
  • Print copies as bulletin inserts

Storytelling videos are provided as a creative and engaging way to present The Big God Story. They supplement the Ponder Point (lesson objective) and help kids better understand who God is in a way that appeals to their age group. The videos be used in place of, or along with, live storytelling. They could also be used for second services to help differentiate the lessons.

  • Both Tru Fire Wonder and Tru Fire Story feature two or three storytelling videos each quarter, averaging about one per month.
  • Tru Fire Identity provides one video with every lesson.

Because the modules provide a customizable commentary and outline for youth pastors to adapt for their teaching, there are many ways to make it work for your students.

Here are some specific ways to adapt the lesson content:

  • Replace games that seem too “young.”
  • Use some of the deeper themes found in the Lesson Commentary and Lesson Outline.
  • Extend or deepen the questions asked, journaling activities, and time allotted for students with longer attention spans.
  • Include prayer time for students on their own or with each other.
  • Divide students into small groups based on age. The level, depth, and topics explored and resulting discussion will all vary depending on where students are. High schoolers are at a different place with different concerns than middle schoolers, but many of the same questions will apply.
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